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Parking at Maddy's

Our little corner on Madison St and St Paul Ave has recently been revamped with all new 2-way roads. We know that this new change can be confusing and take time to learn, so please read below for some help finding where to park.

Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 1.11.53 PM.png

Maddy's Parking Lot

Immediately north of Maddy's is a municipal lot with approximately 25 parking spots and 2 handicap spots. This is the best parking for the most direct access through the back door. The back door is found on the North Side of the building between Maddy's and Mi Casa (our neighboring hair salon).

Access: The lot can be accessed off of E Saint Paul Ave from both directions. The lot is only accessible on Madison St coming from downtown. 

Handicap Accessibility: Our bar is handicap accessible through the back door with the exception of a small curb between the handicap parking spots and the alley. Please email us at with any concerns. 

Overnight Parking: Overnight parkers will get ticketed unless you have a Municipal Lot Parking Pass with the City of Waukesha

Walgreens Parking Lot

Next to Maddy's, Walgreens has been kind enough to allow use of their parking lot for busier events. Please be cautious when crossing through the parking lot. There is no overnight parking allowed at Walgreens. Violators may be ticketed or towed.

Waukesha State Bank Parking Lots

While the Bank is closed, the Waukesha State Bank parking lots are available for additional parking. There is no overnight parking allowed at the Bank. Violators may be ticketed or towed.

Farmers Market Parking Lot

When available, the City Lot utilized for the Farmers Market can be used for additional parking. Please note when events are taking place, as access to your car may be prevented.

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